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May 3, 2014 7:00pm PDT
the word moments is that back in germany well until yesterday the black sea port city often just beyond the free if the sorts of odds and unrest seen in other parts of ukraine. the clashes that broke out on friday the team for most the supporters and their opponents and dozens of protests has ended up trapped in a burning building in which forty two people lost their lives. before i got skull of a craggy think in that essay he joins us now the eu is calling for investigation. it's about delays in the incident surrounding it the more we know about what happened yesterday. well it seems that the communists eyewitness reports is that it was the pro russian forces to open fire with guns on a pro ukrainian unique demonstration in the center of a death that the dead to classes leading to at least three deaths rates are on the day with the pro ukrainian side too. i think seeking revenge on the pro russians chase them into that building the trades union building won the pro ukrainian fight to tell me he was in that fed the five started because the pro russian said what so called tilda wi
May 2, 2014 6:30am PDT
revolting out the videos on you after all germany as it did in kenya needs of these could be tying into crazy huge. thanks to mom still has no room to maneuver in germany and things keep going back and tries to do with the eurozone in and yes friends you know you from i just sent another big story this week's discovery race between general electric on one side and siemens. johnny to take over all story or at least to the energy business all the french engineering from there is an ongoing debate on foreign ownership for its release unleashed a debate on foreign ownership of major french companies puts us in economists think of what's going on and the students who will. i think you know when and if you're too close to increased turned on on europe and indeed it did the aggies at your own you can choose to be so the teachers to pay for his nineteen and sentenced him to talk to each other. it is redolent with students it was going on in history the french has decided that we did a few things which we work with don't use being a prime example. and in the nuclear deal between you and you know
May 1, 2014 6:30am PDT
germany and many other counties do. and in that situation. he is. marine shooting. upn nationalities she's the main threats for europe a bikini we consider european history than nationalism in europe aware the rules for total war lower. and the european project it was. the whereas the deposed by the father is exactly in order to afford to and to upn mentioned these pseudo boy as well he described a german media as a sort of ballerina leaving the dolls but isn't there to buy him any time in this we need a strong european publicly dissed phone connection we need a federal europe and at the same time you write. i'm convinced that invoking mall strength of the european union would be only a message that risks scaring the links to how your goal is to make one more year of not less than i ever needed you the same ordeal it's been a week we read through the courts have to stress we want a different user. and c thirty different parties is that i believe that who we are presented. of these the ideology of the coast every four years terry team. and. the i don't see. to know that
Apr 29, 2014 6:30am PDT
the price tag. over the head of the future of germany's torah. the main tenant law comes over to her who would have to go to this region. and that would be certain because it is anyways this is the good stuff is so high that day. a time. and it's yours but you do read this are probably negotiated against something you would not just sweets but you don't know you know quips are you telling your children your. although dollars for and how we're going to do is find a hat that she'll be there she sees them he knows enough to understand the things i meant when she when and where they can break into. shias who are new. i was cool. it was good to all who coached few days i went easy to catch you because i'm that guy. and the sentiment. today i've got to sit tight. speaking of that guy. i imagine that's you realize that for sure la son who just announced he would run again for president you are the perfect propaganda tool because he can say well. the people i'm fighting against our people were holding foreigners western foreigners especially hostage to the t o i'm very much aware of is is so
Apr 28, 2014 6:30am PDT
mokbel detained or spawns a seat on the multiple is in germany. i would like to tell you what the russians the regal be afraid to flaunt the fact that they built a hundred percent for the dead he told the european union and the assorted that two of the european union would get the best option is to be the aggressor. white elites the two tulip baby teeth haven't really been into bordeaux independent states so in my view in my view. we would use is high time the social base and indebted to. and of course that among the new member states the style concrete or steel pkk bald babies this tree and a bandage interest rather than the tt involved in bed is always the european union is based. are you referring also to some southern european countries who so far had the rather reluctant to push for further sanctions this point if i don't want to precise ago when hu hu to make it remains how corporate member states but that as the mops meeting of the european lets me get that i will post the names of these companies them to you and will involve these contests. okay well guess we'll guess. the
Apr 26, 2014 7:00am PDT
to tie his village peace of mind that some sickening me to germany seven years later then he returned to korea deal. and since then he's concentrated on one thing. finding the money he yells to the war the first bodies brings new year. a reader sent me and my family was found somewhere over here. we found the identity card of my uncle as a first. so if all things to four hundred bodies had been found in this mass grave in the village of thomas de camp. ms at the sunday eleven members of his family. so this summer he can find any builder tool for his brother his father and grandparents his uncles aunts and cousins just a discernible trying to hurt me towards a great relief. two days later he returned to us and i relieve the suffering of the past sotheby's. i think that sometimes are now finally beginning to heal. i will always be there as long as i linked to below must be high when the shooting. more than three thousand people from the middle region is still a fish and amazing. i do the bodies of the mass grave until mistake i made out to an anonymous condo in the middle of an
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6